A young woman working in a roadside stand that sells rum.

A farmer, hard at work, bringing in a fresh crop of tobacco that will eventually be a fine, Cuban cigar.

A woman watches and listens to the performance at Callejon de Hamel in Habana, Cuba.

Walking her daughter home from school, Mom makes a call on a payphone in Habana, Cuba.

I was taking image of the ocean off of the Malecon in Havana, Cuba and noticed this man sitting on the seawall.

Despite the relatively low crime rate, bars and gates are prevalent throughout Havana, Cuba.

A young Québecois woman, dressed in period costume, knits at Halifax Citadel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

History buff dressed in the uniform of the 78th Highlanders, standing guard at the Halifax Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A boat builder talks about making a dory by hand at the Historic Acadian Village in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, Canada.